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Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, situated 60km south of Turkey and 300km north of Egypt. The island has long been a crossing point between Europe, Asia and Africa and still has many traces of successive civilisations. Cyprus joined the European Union in 2004 and started to use Euro as their currency from 2008.

The international dimension of education is important in Cyprus where international students receive a quality education in a safe, friendly environment at an affordable cost. They, in turn, enrich the educational experience of our own students and bring an international dimension to our culture. Lifelong friendships and networks are formed between Cypriot and overseas students which later enhance the cultural and trade relationships between our countries. Cyprus can offer Higher Education of high quality standards and is able to facilitate students with the necessary knowledge and skills to work in a contemporary global marketplace. Pleasant Mediterranean climate and picturesque sandy beaches can only add to this once-in-a-lifetime experience of being a student in Cyprus. The number of students in Cyprus is increasing rapidly over the last ten years.




Study in Cyprus has achieved an unprecedented growth since its establishment, not only in student population, but in academic infrastructure and faculty as well. we have a fully English speaking staffs and an exceptionally low student/faculty ratio in many departments, study in Cyprus is able to provide individual development for its students. 

Cyprus University strongly believes that living in the residence halls is a vital complement of the educational process and provides accommodation on campus for 70% of its students. The University’s residence halls are designed to answer all the needs of the students as well as studio type accommodation is also provided on campus. 

Study in Cyprus provides high value for private education as an overseas destination and has;
A very experienced faculty, students from 28 different countries, 1/1 computer/student ratio and has
Campus settings with full range of academic, social, recreational, sports and dining facilities.


Cyprus University`s medium of instruction is in English and its composed of 7 faculties; Law, Education, Economics and Administrative Sciences, Communication, Fine Arts, Engineering as well as Arts and Sciences, 4 schools and 3 institutes, offering 66 programs, 35 undergraduate, 20 graduate and 11 post graduate degrees. English is the medium of instruction for all programs, with an exception of Turkish Language and Literature, Turkish Language Teaching, Pre School Teaching, Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Art and Crafts Teaching and the department of Mentally Handicapped Education. Besides these programs we offer dual degree programs with major UK universities. 


Scholarships and Financial aid for International Students in Cyprus

The objective of the Financial Aid Program at universities/colleges of Cyprus is to provide financial assistance to students who need aid in order to begin or complete their studies in Cyprus.

Need Grants are awarded to students and are based mainly on substantial financial need, regardless of academic performance. The amount of the grant provided depends upon the student’s need for assistance, but grants usually amount to less than one third of the tuition and fees of the semester. Students interested in this type of grant must complete the “Financial Aid Application Form” and submit it to the respective department of universities/colleges.

It must be noted, however, that the funds for Financial Aid are provided by universities/colleges and are limited. Students and their families are expected to finance their education and Financial Aid should be considered only as supplemental assistance.


Cyprus Visa requirements for Indian Students

International students from India will need to apply for a student visa from the Cyprus Embassy / Consulate in New Delhi. When you are accepted as student by some college in Cyprus and Letter of Acceptance is issued to you, you need to apply for visa. The Embassy will be open to students from 10.00-13.00 Monday to Friday. During the interview students must have with them the following documents. Embassy may or may not conduct Interview before issuing visa.

  1. Original and attested copy of 10th and 12th Certificates and Mark sheets.
  2. Original letter and copy from the sponsor’s bank (in English) confirming that the sponsor (mother or father) has sufficient funds to finance the student’s fees and living expenses in Cyprus.
  3. Original letter and copy of good conduct (in English) from the police authorities in the student’s country of residence indicating clear criminal record.
  4. Valid passport and copy of relevant pages.
  5. Acceptance letter from Cyprus College.
  6. Copy of entry permit sent by College.
  7. The receipts indicating payments to Cyprus College.
  8. Visa fee.

For successful applicants the Embassy will attest the certified copies of the above documents.


Arrival Check List

  • Students will need to show the copies attested by the Embassy when arriving at the Immigration Office at Larnaca airport.
  • You must declare a total amount of college fee receipts and cash otherwise you may not be allowed to enter the country. Provided you have submitted the tuition fees for the first semester and the International Student Guarantee of €340 you then need to have with you at least €2,550 in cash to cover personal expenses (meals, books, accommodation etc). These amount figures may vary so you are advised to check embassy site for updates.
  • The receipts indicating payments to Cyprus College.
  • Copy of the acceptance letter from the Office of Admissions.
  • A valid passport.
  • Return air ticket to country of origin.


Living In Cyprus


Campus life is probably one of the most important periods in any student`s higher education experience and has profound impact not only on student`s social lives but in their professional lives as well. At Cyprus University, we pride ourselves in offering a wide range of opportunities on campus to help students to realize their full potential. social, cultural, sports and academic opportunities, which compliments and supports the education  that students receive in classrooms. 


Cyprus is still known for one of the best cuisines in the world like lamb, lash lash, full rich blended wine etc .Feeding is very affordable in Cyprus and our student can either cook or eat from our cafeteria where they can find continental dishes borrowed from several countries so as to suit each student`s different backgrounds.


We have several means of transportation, road , train, boat and metro ,it is very affordable to move from place to another. One with a driver`s license or an international license can also drive since our roads are always free from traffic ,it would be easy to own a car and drive stress free, even taxi as well are really cheap and readily at your service.


We provide both hostel and private accommodation to our students, although we prefer our students in the first year to live in the hostel, our students can pay for their accommodation as well as their tuition. Students who live in the hostel can learn our local language better, have access to the sports arena, gymnasium, swimming pool, library etc since they are all in the school premises.